What’s a Traveling Housewife?

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Welcome! After much encouragement (and a little pushing from a friend who recently started an inspiring blog), I’ve decided to start this blog to document my life as a Professional Traveler, Wedded Nomad, Glorified Gypsy, or my favorite, Traveling Housewife – to share the adventures we have, the beautiful things we see, and the delicious food that makes our stomachs happy.

How did this all begin, you ask?   The love of my life is a Traveling Nurse and takes 8 – 13 week contracts around the U.S. in hospitals that need some extra support, thus granting me the honor of becoming a Traveling Housewife. We began this adventure a year and a three months ago, just shy of a month after we wed. As man & wife, we packed up our belongings, and by belongings I mean the bare necessities…clothes, shoes, cooking essentials, computer, printer, towels, sheets, crafting supplies, golf clubs(his necessity, not mine;)), and most importantly, our 62lb furry baby, Riley. All get shoved neatly packed in our 2000 Honda Accord, and we head off into the sunset!


Where do we go? Wherever our hearts desire within the 50 states! We tell our recruiter where we want to go and she tells us what jobs are available! We pick the states that we fancy, my love interviews for them, job is offered and then we head off to our next adventure! We started off in our home state of Florida, then headed to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and then we currently call Pismo Beach, California home…But not for much longerTomorrow I’ll tell you which monumental place we’re off to next!

**Check out that announcement HERE!

What makes it even more exciting? If we chose not to extend our contract, it’s very normal to not know where we are going until 1-3 weeks before the existing contract ends. Luckily, we have the option for them to find housing for us, so we don’t have to worry about that when time is limited. This way we don’t have to worry about furniture, which is a huge stress relief!

Why are doing this? One answer – Wanderlust! What better way is there to experience the land we love and create stories that we’ll tell our grandchildren about one day? Discovering, exploring, tasting, dreaming, or my absolute favorite, getting lost on purpose to uncover the hidden treasures off the beaten path…these are the things we love and realized that we may never be able to do until we retire.  So when the opportunity arose, we took it! We followed our wanderlust and now we’re on this incredible journey together!

So come explore, create, eat, and enjoy life with me as I share my life as a Traveling Housewife with you!

Want to become a travel nurse? Check out the information HERE!


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