Something To Look Forward To

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December 31, 2014 by wedandwanderlust

A look back can make all the difference…

Appreciated steps.

Mastered challenges. Overlooked Growth.

Hope renewed.

Dreams Unglued. Faith Restored.

Joy, love, pain, grace –

Constant through and through.

A look back can make all the difference in looking forward,

Making tomorrow

Something to look forward to.


Postcard Inn, St. Pete Beach

My amazing husband gifted me with a getaway to for Christmas, and so I got to have some truly refreshing time to myself!

I wrote. (I even felt inspired  to write poetry again, as I nervously shared above.)  I crafted. I soaked in the therapeutic sea air. I relished in the moments of not having to think…or not having peanut butter smeared on my freshly washed jeans. I slept. And I feel renewed!

I took time to reflect on this past year full of beautiful brokenness and joy beyond compare. To breathe through my feelings and inhale truth. My first full year as mom, third year as wife, 27th year of being me… This year has truly been a growing year. Not what I planned, but certainly what was meant to be.

I love New Year’s Eve! A day filled with reflection, hope and anticipation of whatever the New Year brings. Surely there will be pain and heartache, but for me there will always be joy and love.

Love always wins.

Happy 2015!!


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