#tbt – The Beginning of Ena’s Birth Story


December 4, 2014 by wedandwanderlust

My little girl is going to be one in a few days, and boy oh boy, are the emotions running high!

So much change,

so much love,

so much…life.


Ena has been outside of my body for almost a year, but engraved in my heart for almost two. Being her mom has changed me. I love deeper, hope bigger, dream more, fight stronger, be weirder all because I grew and pushed a piece of my heart out of me. I told myself that’s why labor hurts so much…you are literally extracting a piece of your heart. It’s the best pain as it reaps the greatest reward. Thankful that I am blessed with opportunity to be called mama, and always praying for those who want to be called mama to have their moment too. #motherhoodisacalling #bestjobever

Before our little bean arrived we took a Lamaze class, and while they provided so many very helpful techniques and valuable insight (and it’s so much more than the breathing stereotype that it gets), one of the most important tidbits that I took from my class was understanding the importance of writing our birth story.

Twas incredibly therapeutic and cathartic for me. Pregnancy, labor, birthing a life, becoming a completely new person in every kind of way – life changes in an instant and it’s just too much to process all at once. So for me, writing out each detail and emotion was just what I needed to work through it all.

So here goes…a little peek into my journal circa December 27th, 2013…

The day the contractions began! The last picture of my beautiful gi-huge-ic belly!

The day the contractions began! The last picture of my beautiful gi-huge-ic belly!

<<< Sunday and Monday(Dec 1-2)  I felt really run down – exhausted, out of it, and kind of like I was getting sick. When I asked Kelly in class on Monday night, she said this was quite normal and expected to hear that baby would be here in a few days. Tuesday morning I had my normal appointment and I was still thinned but had not dilated any even though I had been experiencing contractions for over a week. My doctor, whom I trust greatly, decided to strip just a little of my membranes. After the appointment I went and enjoyed a wonderful spa pedicure with cousin/doula, and upon leaving the salon, the cramping began.

Now, I had already been having quite a bit of Braxton Hicks, but these felt different. I’ve only had abdominal menstrual cramps a few times in my life (I usually get back pain), and these kind of felt like that. About two hours later, the cramps were gone, my uterus was still visibly contracting and back pain had set in. Around 5:30pm they started to come quite consistently. We were having dinner at our cousin’s house that evening and all I wanted to do was do figure eights on my pilates ball!! At around 8:30pm the contractions were 3.5 – 4 mins apart. We were conflicted…she told us to call when they were 5 mins apart and they were taking my breath away. My contractions were not taking my breath away, but they were getting closer and closer together. So we decided to call the office and they had me come into the hospital. When I got there, my doctor was actually on call, and she checked and monitored me for three hours. I was one centimeter dilated with contractions consistently coming 3 mins apart, but they were not strong enough. We enjoyed a good laugh about how my body was teasing us!  We ended up heading home and she asked me to keep her posted.

For the next two days I remained in latent labor. Each moment was full of anticipation and sometimes frustration. The contractions remained the same frequency(3 mins apart), and increased just enough in intensity to prevent sound sleep, but not strong enough to take my breath away. This was truly exhausting and I found myself saying “Bring on the pain! I’m ready to have her here! :)” Asher left for work, which was 2.5 hours away, on Thursday morning and I spent the day relaxing and deciding that this munchkin was going to be late, even though my due date was two days away. Thursday night I uncomfortably enjoyed my normal shows while rolling around on my ball – Grey’s Anatomy & Scandal, which were so intense that I joked with my best friend that if that didn’t put me into labor then nothing would! ;)

After much tossing and turning, I finally fell asleep…  >>>


And just as I sat in suspense awaiting that beautiful day, you shall wait too my friend. Thankfully, neither waiting in a state of unusually short and annoyingly painful contractions. :)


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