Hello Monday!

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August 18, 2014 by wedandwanderlust

It’s MONDAY!!!!


Cheers! Laughter!

Claps Galore!!

Ok, so some of you may not be as exhilarated about today being Monday, but as I mentioned before, here on Wed & Wanderlust, Monday’s are reserved for true positivity and oodles of love.

Here are the things that spoke to my heart this past week, so I’m sharing with you to carry you through this week:

– There’s something electrifying about seeing someone do something truly selfless for someone else.  Sally from SallySarah Designs created an auction on Instagram to raise funds for a very special family. It truly warmed my heart to see such a creative fundraiser filled with so many amazing artistic delights. So many people banding together for Reagan and her family created such a positive light in a stress-filled time.  Some of my fave contributors – Talula Bea, Sahnda Marie Kids, Roar Haus Designs and Gracelaced!



Beyond excited about being the highest bidder for this fabulous “Fancy the fox” by Handmade by Heather!! My little girl is going to love it!


The auction is over, but if you feel compelled to donate to this incredible cause, please head on over to their fundraising page, The Reagan Fund.

– This quote has been resonating with me:

I saw it it a few weeks ago, and it’s stuck to my heart. It’s an excellent reminder of taking each day, each moment, each choice and doing the best we can with it. Each day our choices make who we are. So why not make the best ones? The ones that will not only benefit us, but others. Whether it’s choosing not to make nasty faces at the person who just cut you off or responding to an act of hate, with love and kindness.

My challenge to you this week:

Is to make healthy, loving choices! Whether it’s choosing to not make a nasty face at the car who just cut you off or choosing to not eat that extra candy bar that will send you on a downward eating spiral this week or choosing to stop and help that person with a flat tire. Those choices – Those are the ones who makes us who we are. Those choices will decide whether love wins.

In what areas will you make healthy, loving choices this week?


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