Monday: The Tuesday Edition


August 12, 2014 by wedandwanderlust

As you know, on Friday, I sent out a little “save-the-date” so to speak, for something special that was going to be announced here on the blog on Monday.

Well it’s now Tuesday…

…And that blog is sitting unpublished.

Now don’t worry, I’m not going to continue to leave you hanging any longer. I’m not that mean!;)

You see, my original plan was to start something called “Mom Love Mondays” and give some extra love and encouragement to fellow mamas, because let’s face it, we have the toughest job in the world, and we need a little “umph” to get us through each day. So I was going to share either an awesome blog, quote, picture, moment that encouraged me from the previous week – a special moment to reflect, connect, and appreciate the hard work we do, while exploring other perspectives.

“Not such a bad idea,” you say.

Why did I alter my plans? Well you see a certain chain of events happened between Sunday and Monday that changed my heart. It’s not that the feelings behind my intentions changed, because believe me, mom-love is still very much needed, and perhaps I will execute that in a different way, BUT some things happened… I got some tough news about some people very dear to my heart, and I had a really rough day myself, plus my love also had a rough day, and then to find out about the death of Robin Williams… Normally, celebrity news doesn’t really phase me. Yes, I can be empathic when trials occur for anyone, but I don’t know them personally, so it’s not the same, you know?

But this time it’s different. It was the manner in which he died. It’s an unfortunate yet pertinent reminder that everyone, <<EVERYONE NEEDS LOVE>>. We all have our own issues – small or great, visible or not, mothers and want-to-be mothers, sick or well, lonely or famous, financially stable or living paycheck to paycheck, single or unhappily married, growing pains or geriatric issues, whatever –  problems exist because we are human…and our humanity is what connects us. We all NEED to feel loved and important. It’s basic. Relationships, the desire to be connected with someone, is what makes life worth while. Being authentic and vulnerable, while loving on others (and for me personally, believing in THE One)  is what will lead to wholehearted living.

And so, Mondays will now be reserved just for YOU!

Why Mondays? Because for most it’s the day they begrudgingly return to work – time away from loved ones, entering into the daily grind. Or for some mamas, it’s the day that your spouse returns to work and you take care of your kiddos solo. Or for some it’s just another day of the start of everyone else’s work week while you sit waiting for that job your really need. Or the start of another school week in a school where you just don’t fit in. Or your Monday looks like every other day because your stuck inside all day, every day due to illness or age. Mondays are usually the most dreaded days…we’ve all seen the grumpy Monday memes! ;)

So here, Monday’s will be a place where Love Wins. Where all are welcome to be encouraged and supported, and where you will be challenged in different ways to love on someone throughout the week. Today, I hope that you will join me, in taking this little step to love authentically and choose to make someone’s day a little brighter by participating in this journey.

Happy Tuesday to you my friend, and hope to see you back next Monday!



5 thoughts on “Monday: The Tuesday Edition

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