Tiny Hands, Incredible Impact


April 7, 2014 by wedandwanderlust

She reached.  She grasped. She conquered. 


Tiny hands. Incredible impact.

My little blue eyed beauty, who was just a couple months at the time,  had yet again taught her mama a very important lesson.

Amongst the heavily woven, colorful quilt of advice that gets knit for you when you are preparing for parenthood,  a very common, subtle thread is found. Book, blog, magazine, or sleep deprived mom/dad, the most agreed upon tip is to make sure to take time for yourself. 

A new life births much change to anyone.  For my husband and I, this glorious,  tiny human was a welcomed light in a stormy time of life. In her newness I found peace, joy, and fulfillment. But just because you can get lost in the gaze of her piercing blue eyes, full of wonder and expression, doesn’t mean that the rest of the world stops.


Life served us some heavy blows. Hits that left me alternating between new mommy bliss and basic survival mode. I had moments of wondering where God’s compassion was. I often had no choice but to operate in “go mode” because that is simply what mom’s do. Everything gets put first and you are put on the back burner…a pattern difficult to change even when life stops hitting so hard.

So while watching this tiny, precious hand accomplish her goal of obtaining my pen, her final grasp pulled on my heart strings and awakened something inside me.

It reminded me that while becoming a mom has fulfilled a great desire that has always been within me, being a mom has made my heart grow, my dreams expand, and encouraged my zest for a wholehearted life.

So to my blog I return.

An opportunity to do something just for me…A chance to enjoy one of my passions as I live my wanderlust life.


2 thoughts on “Tiny Hands, Incredible Impact

  1. Yay! I’m glad you will be sharing more! We have missed you in the blogging world. :)


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