Days 4 – 5 & Snowstorm Repellent


March 12, 2013 by wedandwanderlust

Our last few days of travel were a breeze, but after pulling an all-nighter after The Grand Canyon, it still feels like a dream! Part of me still can’t believe that we drove across country in four days! Now that my brain is somewhat rested and no longer feels like it just went through a blender, I can properly update you with what has been going on!

At our stop in Nashville, TN, we greatly enjoyed our stay at the Sheraton Music City Hotel (great price, no pet fee, and promise of a comfy bed were huge selling points in deciding on this hotel!) We decided that due to our exhaustion, seeking out a place to find dinner was not happening, and that room service was our ONLY option! Although a little on the pricy end, we decided we deserved it and ordered well – mixed greens with roasted tomatoes (which I happily removed and gave to Asher), pulled pork on sesame brioche, slaw and sweet potato fries (we were in TN after all, so BBQ was a must have), cedar salmon with asparagus and mashed sweet potatoes, and a delectable bread pudding that was laden with raisins and almonds, and served with a vanilla sauce for dipping. What a treat! (I truly have a weakness for bread pudding! Many fond memories come along with bread pudding for me… Our engagement at “our place”, The Ravenous Pig included a hazelnut & chocolate bread pudding adorned with “The Question” written in chocolate on the plate…My mother makes a fantastic pudding that is enhanced by Jamaican white rum…oh I can taste it now…)


I digress…back to the room! The cloud white comforter, plush king mattress, and warm pillows seemed to just envelope each ounce of our bodies, hold us tight, kiss our cheeks and say “sweet dreams sleepy heads“! It was in that moment where my love and I looked at each other and wondered what the heck we thought we were doing driving for 48 hours straight?! Before we could answer that question, were sound asleep…it was only 9:30pm. I’d like to say that we felt completely re-energized when we woke up to our alarm at 8am, but not so much. The sleep was fantastic, but the damage from traveling through time zones and lack of rest was done. Despite the insufficient slumber, waking up to snow flurries on Riley’s birthday (she turned 21…in pup years of course!) and the adrenaline of being “almost there”, was just the boost that we needed to get on the road again!

PicMonkey Collage

We headed out with the anticipation that a change in route could occur as there was a threat of a serious snowstorm that was working its way through TN. The predictions were nasty, and we were lucky to have scooted out of there just in the nick of time!

I loved hearing Asher reminisce about his college days in this beautiful state. It’s so wonderful to continue to learn new things about each other, even though we’ve known each other since high school! Stories about the past and dreams about our future appropriately led us right into state lines of VIRGINIA!


About two hours away from our stop for the night at our cousin’s house, delirium started to set in! Hilarious renditions of the Macklemore & Ryan Lewis album & James Brown station on Pandora were sung butchered! It was so energizing and truly entertaining, but shall never be reenacted in front of anyone ever again! (Thank God Riley can’t speak!;) 

When the lady who lives in our GPS said that we were 20 minutes away from our destination, I felt like she said 20 hours! I asked Asher every two minutes if my turn was coming up...Now?…Is it now? How about now? How much longer? Cabin fever had definitely set in! Thankfully, just as we were about to both enter into “crazyland”, we arrived at our destination, greeted by our beautiful family with hugs, kisses, tasty food and chocolate cake! (The perfect welcome right?!) After catching up a bit and letting Riley run to her heart’s content in the backyard, we indulged in some delicious sleep and woke up to a magnificent brunch prepared by Asher’s uncle – fresh eggs from their own chickens that were perfectly scrambled with veggies and bacon, served with toast and jelly, accompanied by your choice of coffee, tea, or an Honest Tea Kids pouch. (Tropical Tango is pretty good! Don’t knock it ’til you try it adults! ;)


Our original plan was to leave after brunch, but it was so nice to be around family, and the thought of rushing off in the car again was an unwelcome thought by all three members of this nomad family(as you can tell by Riley’s face in the last picture), that we decided to accept the invitation to stay another night.

After an evening of fun with our little cousins, we headed off Sunday morning for the two hour “journey” to Falls Church and honestly, it felt like we were there in half an hour! Clearly our travels have changed our perspective on travel times! ;)

Our apartment is fantastic and the area is really nice! There are grassy areas for the pup to play, and so much to see and do! On Tuesday, the weather officials warned of a large snowstorm… we must have “snowstorm repellent” because the “terrible storm” that shut everything down due to the anticipated 5-8 inches of snow it would bring to our area, trickled some flurries for a little while, then barely left a few puddles on the ground! Snowstorm escape number 2! This day was actually really great for us because it gave us the downtime we needed to catch up on rest! Sometimes doing nothing (except for making Cinnamon Applesauce pancakes) is just what you need!


Although watching the sun set “into” the ocean, creating a majestic array of colors in the sky is something that I miss already, there is something truly amazing about driving “home” and seeing the striking Washington Monument embraced by the bright, blue sky, and cradled by the naked trees that remind me that spring, and all of its vivid glory, will be here soon!

Another reminder that as one chapter finishes, another begins full of promise, hope, adventure…and fun places with tasty treats!

Hello Virginia!


3 thoughts on “Days 4 – 5 & Snowstorm Repellent

  1. laurien says:

    No mention of your journey to Lu-ketts!? Girl, you better hit that edit button!!


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