Days 2 & 3: It was all a dream…


March 1, 2013 by wedandwanderlust

As you know, the morning of Day Two was the most anticipated event of our trip! We woke up like children on Christmas morning…stomachs filled with excitement, minds full of wonder, giddy as can be.

We re-packed the car as we had to remove items that would be damaged in below 20 degree weather… aka Asher’s favorite beer from CA, Firestone Walker Wookey Jack, water bottles and electronics. I think Riley even felt our energy! She was ready to go and enjoy whatever it was that we were about to do!

We left our awesome digs at The Grand Hotel, and drove up the street to The Canyon. Asher conveniently did some research and got some incredible recommendations for he best lookout points and secret trails from @ReganFP! So we drove in with our plotted map and swiftly got out of our car at the first stop, Mather Point.

I can not properly explain what the first glimpse was like, of course I will try, but be aware that you, nor I, will not be satisfied with my inadequate description and photos.

Breathtaking grandeur. Indescribable beauty. Belittling vastness. Art by nature. Hello Gorgeous!GrandCollage

No picture can do it justice. It simply has to be ingrained in your soul by the intricate details and immense beauty that the eye collects. As I write this now I can picture the vibrant hues in the ridges, rocks seemingly placed in precise places to create a complete thought, nature working side by side to build/weave a magnificent creation.

One of my favorite moments was exploring the recommended side trail at Moran Point. Asher and I wandered onto the unmarked path filled with well hidden cacti, beautifully barren trees, green pines and random patches of snow. It led us to a ledge where we could view The Canyon from a unique angle. My excited nervousness quickly turned into “Heights-are-SO-not-my-thing-and-my clumsy tendencies may send me to my Maker!” ;) DSCN1555

So I pushed past that feeling as best I could and do not regret venturing as far as Asher. (My love is so brave!) Nothing about this area was dangerous, it was simply a moment of mind over matter and having knowledge about hiking, which I have very little of!DSCN1564

After a plethora of photos, we went to the Watchtower where I purchased a postcard, children’s book and an ornament made by a Navajo Indian to add to our travel collection.20130301_221619

Before we headed out we needed some nourishment, so I stayed outside with Riley and sent Asher in to grab a snack. Out he came with hot chocolate, tea, chips and corn dogs with mustard, ketchup and Organic Grand Canyon made hot sauce.(which was so tasty that I went into buy a bottle!!)  I can’t tell you the last time that I’ve had a corn dog, and its normally not my cup of tea, but sometimes you’ve got to work with what you’ve got. Any-who… I bit in and wow…it was quite possibly the best corn dog I’ve ever had! It was also warm as they are “made” to order. So very, very yummy on a cold, winter day!


Wrappers of the very yummy corn dogs!

As we headed out of the Canyon,  we drove past The Painted Desert, Navajo Buffalo jerky, arts and craft stations, Flagstaff, and entered into the mountains of New Mexico on Route 66. We stopped to eat dinner at Sadie’s, a well recommend authentic New Mexican restaurant and enjoyed sopaipillas! (Thanks @Allen_Bassett!)

After dinner, we reassessed our destination goal of Oklahoma City and decided that it was still feasible, but we also realized that in order to stay with our original plan of completing our trip in four days that we couldn’t stop for the night. As an added bonus, our bodies are still on California time, so we had more energy to drive into the wee hours of the morning. We committed to an all-nighter! With no sleep and an hour stop in OKC at a very hospitable coffee shop, The Blue Bean Coffee Company, we continued our journey with Nashville, TN as our third destination!

And I’m proud to say we have made it and that within 48 hours we have been in six different states! What an adventure! We’ve truly created some unique memories!

Day four to Moseley, VA should be a breeze after the last two days! ;) We even get the added bonus of seeing Asher’s grandparents as they happen to be in town!

Whew! What a day…or days I should say! Clearly it’s time for us to get some well deserved rest!

Good night for now and thank you to those who have been so encouraging and supportive of our travels and of my blog! We truly have the greatest family and friends!


5 thoughts on “Days 2 & 3: It was all a dream…

  1. Oh my goodness! You are making me want to travel the world with you :)
    I’m so glad you started this blog because it makes me feel like you are not oh-so-far-away!
    You are an incredible writer & are doing a great job at describing all the many wanders you are getting to experience. Love you and this blog 💕


  2. Sonya says:

    What a beautiful part of the world!!!


  3. […] last few days of travel were a breeze, but after pulling an all-nighter after The Grand Canyon, it still feels like a dream! Part of me still can’t believe that we […]


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