Day 1: Sun, Shooting Stars & a Suicidal Squirrel


February 27, 2013 by wedandwanderlust

Well, the first day is complete and the word “exhausted” is beyond what we’re feeling! We got off to a late start… I think relaxed, unhurried feeling of “being on vacation” everyday is going to be a hard one to shake! :) But even with the late start, we made it to our first stop, a hotel near the Grand Canyon, in record time!

Some highlights of our trek today –

  • Seeing my first Road Runner! It was so fast, I almost missed it!
  • An encounter with a suicidal squirrel…not so exciting! In fact, slightly traumatizing, but the stories that we were creating to justify his actions were giving us a good laugh!
  • Viewing the scenery of inland California – the mountains, valleys, Mojave Desert, rock formations, creeks, lakes – INCREDIBLE!!
  • Wind turbines = daisies of the desert! (It was my first time seeing them in action and I was VERY excited about them! I probably took waaaaaay too many pictures! ;)
  • Seeing not one, but TWO shooting stars! One right outside of Needles, CA and the other about 20 miles before our Grand Canyon exit.
  • Watching Riley embrace the wind as we occasionally let her stick her head out the window! She’s such a good traveler!
  • An amazing desert sunset…would only have been better if we didn’t have to watch it from our car mirrors! It created such colorful hues in the sky…if only my eyes could take pictures…
  • First “moon rise” – we were wondering where the moon was after the sunset, and then all of a sudden, a GIANT glowing object peeking through the mountains! It was intense and magnificent!
  • On an annoying note, my camera charger is malfunctioning, and so I did not get to take any pictures with it today, hence the lack of photos in this post. However, when signal permitted, I did post a few via Instagram! Got the problem solved this evening, so I hope to post more tomorrow.

 ‘Twas a wonderful first day and I’d say our journey is off to a fantastic start! Now it’s for some beauty rest as THE GRAND CANYON is number one on our to-do list tomorrow morning. Well…1b…Breakfast is 1a on the list! ;) Then we begin our longest day as our goal is Oklahoma City, weather and perseverance permitting!

Can’t wait to update about Day Two tomorrow!



3 thoughts on “Day 1: Sun, Shooting Stars & a Suicidal Squirrel

  1. Kathy Thomson says:

    Yeah, you made it to the Grand Canyon!! The first time one see’s the canyon is the experience of a lifetime!! Hope it was every bit the thrill you had hoped it would be. Travel safe!!


  2. […] you know, the morning of Day Two was the most anticipated event of our trip! We woke up like children on Christmas morning…stomachs filled with excitement, minds full of […]


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